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  • Mermates: Promo #1 - DVDs

    Today's Mermates promo: DVD collections. Sometimes you and your roommate just don't have the same taste.

  • Mermates: Promo #2 - Sleep

    Today's Mermates promo: Sleeping. How do you deal with a mermaid's sleeping schedule?

  • Mermates: Promo #3 - Rock Band

    Today's Mermates promo: Video Games. How do you play Rock Band with a mermaid who refuses to play guitar?

  • Mermates: Promo #4 - Toenails

    Today's Mermates promo: Toenails. How do you deal with a roommate whose toenails keep growing back?

  • Mermates: Promo #5 - The Shirt

    Today's Mermates promo: The Shirt. How do you deal with a roommate who borrows your clothes?

  • Mermates: Promo #6 - The Little Mermaid

    Today's Mermates promo: The Ride. It's all fun and games until someone defames your cultural heritage.

  • The Mermates Christmas Special - Teaser

    An announcement teaser for our two-part "The Mermates Christmas Special", coming this summer! Working Fish: Comedy Web Series for Scale.